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SF Bay Plan 2013


In March 2013, MTC intends to adopt a new, multi–billion dollar long–range Regional Transportation Plan (RTP) that will set the course of the Bay Area for a quarter of a century. Past transportation plans have been a disappointment to the Regional Alliance For Transit (RAFT) in terms of, among other things, little attention to cost–effective improvements to transit that may attract more passengers and which can compete more effectively with driving a car.

Things could be different this time, because California Senate Bill 375 (SB 375) requires that MTC address land use and global warming problems with its next RTP.

Within MTC, development of the next RTP is underway. Information from staff will be provided to MTC’s board members and the public in the months to follow.

The intent of this section is to provide information to Bay Area residents so they may form and express opinions on transportation, land use and global warming issues to political leaders locally and to their representatives in Washington, DC and Sacramento.

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January 11, 2010


MTCwatch.com is staffed by volunteers working in the area of transportation advocacy in the Bay Area. This section on the 2013 RTP is directed by M. Williams, a RAFT member since 1992. Suggestions for improvement, concerns and the like should be sent to RAFT at the contact address in the list below.

MTCwatch.com, and this section, are not affiliated in any way with the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) or any other governmental agency.

General Information about RAFT:

Full Name:  Regional Alliance For Transit

RAFT members think the 2013 Regional Transportation Plan

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