TO. Planning and Operations Committee
FR: Executive Director
RE: Schedule for RTP Amendment for TCM 2 Section

DATE: 9/6/02

As you know, the Federal District Court has interpreted the 1982 Air Quality Plan for the Bay Area and Transportation Control Measure 2 in that Plan to mean that MTC must guarantee a specified increase in Bay Area transit ridership by 2006. While the Commission has decided to appeal the decision, the immediate deadlines in the Order for Injunctive Relief must be met. In particular the Order states that:

"MTC shall amend the RTP to include a section specifying how it will achieve full implementation of TCM 2. In this amendment, MTC shall identify and describe all projects it will fund as part of its strategy for achieving the required ridership increase. Each project description must include an implementation schedule, estimated costs, and expected ridership gains. If any of these projects are not already in the TIP, then MTC must further amend the TIP as necessary to allow the projects' funding to proceed."

The Order provides that the amendment must be adopted within 6 months from July 8, 2002. Staff intends to release a draft of the RTP ridership section in late September for public review and comment and seek Commission adoption in November, well in advance of the Court deadline.

Two public hearings are required for any RTP amendment. Staff requests that the Committee approve holding the public hearings at the Planning and Operations Committee on October 11 and just before the Commission meeting on November 20, 2002.

S/ Steve Heminger