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Bridge Toll Expenditure Plan

Improved BART service
Bay Area ferries
Commuter rail network
Express Bus service on HOV lanes

Ezra Rapport—Consultant, Senate Select Committee on Bay Area Transportation

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Expenditure Plan Goals

•A cost effective and sustainable regional transit plan
• Seamless connections among systems
• New travel choices over highly congested bridge corridors
• Improved transit experience and safety
• Incentives for smart growth and appropriate waterfront development

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Why Raise Bridge Tolls Now?

• Delay on bridge corridors expected to more than double over the next 15 years
• Five year lead time to implement most new transit investments
• Toll payers support new transit investment
• Economic incentives: low interest rates and public works employment
• $3 roundtrip toll compares favorably to other states

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Summarizing the Plan (1)

• Connects East Bay and West Bay commuter rail systems via the Dumbarton Rail Bridge
• Expands Caltrain service between San Jose and San Francisco
• Connects BART to four commuter rail lines

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Summarizing the Plan (2)

• Provides new express bus service in Alameda, Contra Costa, Solano, Sonoma, Marin, Napa and San Mateo counties
• Adds HOV lanes, park and ride terminals, and direct connectors for bus service
• The new Express Bus services travel primarily on HOV lanes

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Summarizing the Plan (3)

• Adds BART seats and improves headways on the most congested BART line
• Seismically strengthens the transbay tube
• Provides bus night owl service for BART riders
• Improves local transit, bicycle & pedestrian access to BART
• Connects BART to the Oakland Airport

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Summarizing the Plan (4)

• Funds a new Transbay Terminal with future connections for high speed rail
• Expands MUNI service along the waterfront

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Summarizing the Plan (5)

• Offers new ferry services at terminals in Alameda, Oakland, Albany, Vallejo, Oyster Point, and San Francisco
• Ferry services are high speed with low emissions
• Expands the Vallejo intermodal hub to support the express bus/ferry service

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Summarizing the Plan (6)

• Provides commuter rail and express bus service from Fairfield/Vacaville through the 680 corridor
• Funds the e-BART extension to East Contra Costa County

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Summarizing the Plan (7)

• Funds express bus service from Sonoma to the San Rafael transit hug
• Provides funding for a Sonoma–San Rafael–Larkspur rail link
• Improves local access to the Larkspur ferry terminal

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Summarizing the Plan (8)

• Provides transit commuters with a single monthly pass to access all major transit systems
• Leverage federal tax subsidies to reduce transit fares up to 35%

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The Core Plan

Tier One Projects
• Projects that meet and are consistent with the plan’s goals and perform well in most evaluative criteria;
• Incremental additional funding may be required primarily through sales tax measures;
• Conditions may be imposed prior to funding.

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Projects Not Listed in Core Plan

• Additional projects may be considered during the legislative process
• No projects have been eliminated at this point
• Further financial analysis is required to establish the capacity of the toll expenditure plan

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System Wide Projects - Tier One
Transbay Tube Earthquake Safety
Real Time Transit Information
Employer Commute Benefits
Transbay Owl Service
WTA Environmental/Planning/Admin
WTA Spare vessels and SF Terminal
BART-Muni Station Connector
BART Planning and Engineering Studies
BART TOD/Fare gates

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Bay Bridge Corridor - Tier One
• Muni E line and 3rd Street
• AC Enhanced Bus (International/Telegraph)
• Transbay Terminal
• BART Airport Connector
• WTA Service: Alameda, Oakland, Albany

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San Mateo - Dumbarton Corridor - Tier One
• Dumbarton Bridge Rail service
• Connectivity improvements for Capital Corridor, BART, ACE, Dumbarton, and Caltrain rail services
• Additional Caltrain service
• Express Bus Service on San Mateo Bridge & Dumbarton Bridges
• Oyster Point Ferry Service

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Carquinez Corridor - Tier One
• Vallejo express bus improvements
• Vallejo ferry service
• Park and ride terminals - Solano County
• Napa Vine to Vallejo Express Bus
• Richmond Parkway Park and Ride
• I-80 East Bound HOV lanes
• Capitol Corridor rail improvements

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Richmond - San Rafael Corridor - Tier One
• Golden Gate Express Bus service over Richmond Bridge
• Sonoma - Marin Express Bus to San Rafael
• SMART train extension to San Rafael - Larkspur
• Larkspur ferry access improvements

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Benecia/Antioch - Contra Costa Corridor - Tier One
• E-BART extension
• Lake Herman Park and Ride Station
• Commuter Rail/Express Bus service Fairfield-Vacaville
• I-680 study and implementation
• Direct connector 680 HOV to Walnut Creek/Pleasant Hill BART