Valley Transportation Authority


VTA Board of Directors

Peter M. Cipolla
General Manager

June 18, 2004

2004 Grand Jury Report

Each year, it seems, the Santa Clara County Grand Jury selects VTA as one of the organizations they seek to look into. And, each year, VTA expends a large number of personnel hours responding to their questions, providing them with material and often providing them with tours of our facilities and projects explaining the complexities of both providing this community with a quality service within the parameters with which we have to work; and/or, the effort required to bring several multi-million dollar capital projects on or ahead of schedule and at or under budget.

Each year, the Santa Clara County Grand Jury concludes this process with a seemingly negative report about VTA. Their 2004 report is no exception and consistent with those we have experienced in past years. A copy is attached.

This year's report focused on the Board Structure and Financial Management of VTA with a primary emphasis on the Silicon Valley Rapid Transit Corridor Project. I'm certain you will find their conclusions both interesting and predictable.

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