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Founded 1992

29 August 2007

Hon. Nell Soto, Chair
Joint Legislative Audit Committee
State Capitol
Sacramento, California

by fax (916) 319–2352

Regarding Audit Request—Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority:


Dear Chairwoman Soto:

The Regional Alliance For Transit supports the audit request of Assemblymembers Lieber and Beall and Senator Alquist.

The Legislature created the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority in 1995. In the years since, VTA has spent billions of state and local tax dollars on operations and capital projects. Two in–depth reviews in the past four years have pointed out significant problems with the organization. In addition, RAFT members have followed the sad saga of the VTA and have found the two reviews to be sound.

In the years ahead, the VTA has plans to spend billions of state and local tax dollars on capital projects that may be unwise, including on the Bay Area Rapid Transit extension project. RAFT notes the Federal Transit Administration has rated this project, with an estimated capital cost of approximately $5 billion, as “Not Recommended.” It is time for the Legislature to review, with an audit, the VTA’s organizational effectiveness, its stewardship of state and local tax dollars, and whether its capital projects are well thought.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the undersigned.


Michael Kiesling