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Project Lists, with Proposed Funding Levels:
This is the official list of MTC projects that we edited to create our RTP.

Committed Projects (7/5/04)

Track One Projects (7/5/04)

New Transit Lines:
These are the maps which show the new transit lines. All are sizeable pdf files, so please be patient.

Urban Contra Costa SUBMITTAL (7/4/04)

Delta DMU/BRT SUBMITTAL (7/4/04)

SF MUNI C-Line Rapid SUBMITTAL (7/4/04)

Vacaville RAPID SUBMITTAL (7/4/04)

Fairfield RAPID SUBMITTAL (7/4/04)

Benicia-Vallejo RAPID SUBMITTAL (7/4/04)

Vallejo-Napa DMU SUBMITTAL (7/4/04)

Santa Rosa-Sebastapol RAPID SUBMITTAL (7/4/04)

Cotati-Rhonert Park RAPID SUBMITTAL (7/4/04)

Petaluma RAPID SUBMITTAL (7/4/04)

Novato RAPID SUBMITTAL (7/4/04)

Central Marin RAPID SUBMITTAL (7/4/04)

Pacifica-SSF RAPID SUBMITTAL (7/4/04)

San Mateo-Foster City RAPID SUBMITTAL (7/4/04)

Carlmont-Redwood City SUBMITTAL (7/4/04)

Menlo - Palo Alto RAPID SUBMITTAL (7/4/04)

Livermore RAPID SUBMITTAL (7/4/04)

Pleasanton RAPID SUBMITTAL (7/4/04)

San Ramon RAPID SUBMITTAL (7/4/04)

Oakland Airport BRT SUBMITTAL (7/4/04)

CalState Hayward RAPID SUBMITTAL (7/4/04)

Altamont Rail Corridor Information:
Explanation of high speed rail component of the plan, with routes, schedules and fares.

High Speed Rail SUBMITTAL (7/6/04)

TAZ Development Maps:
The maps that reflect the land use changes we suggested. White zones indicated added growth, gray zones are reduced growth. Black lines are rail, orange is Rapid or BRT. Blue dots are station zones. The numbers are census tract numbers. Not all maps show the transit component.

North Bay UPDATED (6/7/04)

Contra Costa DRAFT (6/1/04)

Alameda DRAFT (6/3/04)

Central Bay Area DRAFT (6/3/04)

Peninsula DRAFT (6/5/04)

Santa Clara DRAFT (6/5/04)